UK; 51st State of the Union?

There is much being said about Donald Trump separating his Presidential, business & private affairs but little comment on, what appears to be, his new business; expanding US interests and establishing a dynasty.

He could run two terms, under current legislation, legislation which could, of course, be changed.

He has sons and heirs.

He has both Houses of the Legislature & the Judiciary behind him.

He requires few backers and claimed for a long time to be self-funding, a claim he conveniently swept aside after three months of making it a key feature of his campaign.

Seemingly he is prepared to operate with or without democratic approval using Executive Orders.

These aspirations have not been seen in a peaceful ‘coup’ for years – perhaps ever.

If Trump’s new business was expansion into quasi monarchy, would that be a good or a bad thing; today the USA, tomorrow……..

By blurring the lines between his businesses, including the new family firm #POTUS is he laying a course in history which could run inexorably nto the future; the House of Trump?

I didn’t see Theresa May as a pussy cat but could not believe my eyes when I saw her holding daddy’s hand!!

She might not have gotten off the plane with a piece of paper, but where was her dignity?’.

She says she doesn’t agree with his imigration  ban but defends his right to do it.

Of course Brexit is going to be, as Trump said, whilst holding her hand, a “wonderful thing”, and the UK’s divorce from the EU, a “blessing to the world”. He also said, “I think it will go down as a fantastic thing for the United Kingdom”.  Little wonder he gets on so well with Pinocchio.

As Aircraft Carrier One, the UK, drifts further west, into the Atlantic, and away from the care and protection of Europe, and Trump appoints Pinocchio Farage as his Ambassador and Comercial Governor General, of the UK, to oversee the operation of the USA/UK trade deal, and the UK’s transition from 28th Member of the EU, to 51st State of the Union.. …
You couldn’t make it up!

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

Today is my birthday, again, and many people have been kind enough to acknowledge that and send their good wishes; for which I am eternally grateful.

However, it got me thinking:

As we grow older (& wiser?), despite the fact that we’re probably more loyal, more reliable,  more knowledgeable,  more trustworthy, more willing, and less maintenance than some, it strangely becomes harder to attract work,  clients or employers. Well it shouldn’t:

        As the population ages with a larger and larger proportion being retired and entitled to state benefits; the pension they have paid for and perhaps more frequent support from the health services and local authorities, the burden on society & it’s younger members, industry and commerce, through the steadily increasing imposition of taxation to pay for the old folk’s care, will grow and grow, the result of which will be to drive those businesses and people away, to new lands, ever increasing the burden on those that remain.

Employ the old, they’re great value and the key to prosperity for all.

Many thanks for your kind wishes, and a Happy New Year to you & yours……..


Brexit, greed and fear..

​How imoderate…

I noticed a very sad and almost universal practice of deleting strongly held views, comments and posts offered for sharing with people, many of whom openly said they don’t understand nor have enough (any?) facts or explanation as to what it’s all about, in groups and on the pages of Facebook, LinkedIn,  etc….
Some people deleted everything regardless of how even handed words might be whilst some people were noticeably more biased. 

In one case a site ‘moderator’ posted his own comments that he “voted to leave” & “it’s just not wotking”; the first is a political statement he’d said he was denying everyone else – that’s called censorship, and in this context, political censorship; contrary to the precepts of free speech, and the second patently untrue or neither he nor anyone else would be working or have a job.

How can a leap of faith into the unknown be a sensible thing to do, most especially when the chief protagonists (Farage, Boris, Gove, IDS) patently lied to us all, appealing to the bassist interests of self and prejudice; greed and fear.

As I have said many times … #GodHelpUsAll if the international motor industry pulls out of the & UK – mark my words, every major (and SME) business in the UK is preparing it’s post the UK’s pressing of the Article 50 Button, response, plan, strategy, and every single one of those plans will consider scenarios such as, what do we do if:

Our customers leave?

Our competitors leave?

Both our customers and competitors leave?

No one else leaves?

And then questions such as; ‘what if our customers/competitors move to this country, or that….’

Endless permutations will be considered and plans A, B, C…. etc. prepared.

However, the smart ones won’t wait; the smart ones made their outline plans long before the referendum,  never expecting the result…. ‘ in the highly unlikely scenario that there is a majority vote to “Leave” we will start packing and catch an early plane before the fares (the costs) start to rise; and slowly and quietly international manufacturing (for starters) will depart our shores for lower cost, lower wage, more grateful shores with guaranteed tarrif free access to and from the EU, perhaps in Spain, Poland, Romania, Croatia, etc. where unemployment is high, workers cheaper and more pliant, and governments (and people) more grateful.  And do you know who will help pay for this mass migration of economic wellbeing. … The EU!  This is a war which we will not win and for which we will be massively punished as a lesson to anyone else considering the same stupidity.

People in the frieght forwarding business will make a lot of money for a xhort time, exporting our manufacturing industries to Europe (the EU), India, China, Eastern Europe, South Africa, South America and beyond. And our children will emigrate en mass to the antipodes,  South Africa, Canada, The EU (France, Germany, Holland, Spain, etc.), and/or with their jobs and their employer to pastures new.

As for the UK’s so called ‘migrant problem’; don’t worry, there won’t be any work for them in the UK either, so they will leave and go where the work is. Not only will there be no work, there will be no money either, to pay pensions and other benefits, wages will crash, unemployment will soar, interest rates will rise to fight inflation…….

PS.  I take no delight in being right just fear and shame for my country and the prospect of not seeing my children in my old age, when the NHS has insufficient resources to keep me alive and whichever country (ies) my kids have moved to, won’t let me in because i’m too old and they have an Australian points based VISA system.


#what have you done