Right Next Time – Really!?

The key to success is quality which means ‘Right First Time’.

Nothing wrong with continuous improvement but serial failure is not acceptable.

Total quality management (TQM) is an approach to success through customer satisfaction that can be summarised as a management system for a customer-focused organisation, that involves all employees in continual improvement.

Do it right the first time (DRIFT) is a management accounting theory related to production management & just-in-time (JIT); whereby a manufacturer only receives goods as needed, cutting inventory costs.

We expect zero defects in things or services we buy. Buy a new TV & the pixels start burning out, & you demand satisfaction. When  the car goes in for a service, you expect the mechanic to install parts as prescribed. No defect is acceptable when it affects you personally.

So why is it so easy to accept that “shit happens” when producing a product or providing a service.

Zero defects is a great way to resolve the discord between what we expect for ourselves but can accept for others.

AGILE is great if it means continuous improvement,  not so much if it means continuous rectification.  Trouble is, if the supplier has to get it right first time, then how’s he going to justify continuing to milk the cow?

[ERP is a system or systems (people, processes & technology) to facilitate & support JIT & getting things right first time.]

Cheers John

The Biggest Risk of All

Risk is the likelihood that things will go wrong.  Wherever and whenever there is more than one potential outcome, a less desirable outcome is possible.  To manage risk effectively requires the anticipation of outcomes, including less desirable outcomes, and a plan and budget to manage those events.  Simply compiling a list of risks of potential issues and / or problems, without embedding strategies to deal with them into plans, is not effective risk management.

Anticipating every potential issue at the start of a programme may be impractical, however, it is possible to continuously anticipate problems as a programme progresses and to continually update and amend plans to deal with issues as and when they occur, and keep the plan on track, time, cost and quality.

To quote the ‘Scrum Alliance’:

There is no definite consensus on the need for risk management within the Agile method. This has led many to believe that risk management is irrelevant in an iterative model. Some follow the approach of ignoring risks until they manifest into issues; they then manage them through the natural sprint progression.”

And that’s why ignoring risk is the biggest risk of all!

Feel free to retain a copy for your records.

Cheers John


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LinkedIn? I can help….



Servings | Prep Time | Total Time
 10+ year’s experience of LinkedIn
 25+ years experience in business
 30+ year’s experience in IT /ICT / Digital Technologies
We live in the age of smoke and mirrors:
It seems as though everyone’s a salesman, but no one makes anything.
PR, media, web design, marketing, events, SEO, social networking, blogging,  moderating, customer support, press, content, copy, publishing, music, video, VR, apps, data, analytics, AI, presenting, coaching, team building, training, mentoring, etc.
Nothing new and all variants of what has gone before.  But with the seemingly exponential growth of sales and marketing in it’s so many new and mutated forms, and the continued decline in product manufacturing, it seems the world is on an inexorable path to somewhere, be it utopian or oblivion, that will find our current world as strange and alien as we see the World Of The Victorian Workhouse and disgusting shared Prive’.
The day cannot be far away before manufacturing and supply are replaced by giant 3D printers; you choose your goods from a menu, and they’re manufactured (printed) in the colour and specification you want whilst you wander the virtual Malls and Showrooms.  Guaranteed for 3 years whereupon they become obsolete, and after which they’re automatically recalled to be recycled and replaced by the latest model.  The Internet of Things (IoT) already replenishes my printer consumables, why shouldn’t it replace my car, for instance?
Yesterday, I sat in a Grand Hall full of entrepreneurs and directors and managers of SME’s, only to realise that there really are millions of people out there; intelligent, well educated, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, hardworking, diligent, eager, inventive, etc. etc. people, for whom social and business networking via the WWW is still a complete mystery, furthermore, it seems I am an expert, and if you want to know more about LinkedIn, et al, I really can help.
However, and there’s always a ‘but’, I’m not sure if I could hold my head up and call it real work.  I don’t know how I’d feel about charging money for sharing this ‘knowledge’.
I don’t know who it was, and it was many years ago (c. 2005), however, someone described social networking as “unpaid work”.  Well it seems that’s no longer true, and that having been working at this, unpaid, for so many years, I am now happy to declare that if you want to learn more about the WWW and particularly social networking for business, I’d be more than happy to help, present to your team or audience, help you develop a strategy, whatever that might be, and the really good news – the initial consultation is free!
Lastly, having witnessed, first hand, the breadth of quality available in this particular market, do you know what….. I think I can probably add an awful lot of value to people’s’ enterprise.

You can contact me here…..

Cheers John.


Why do we treat our own so abominably?

McLaughlin News Paper Art 300

I make no apologies for asking your support.

Please sign the online Petition and share this message to help stop this utterly odious, heinous situation from dividing and creating single parent families and preventing British Service Men and Women returning home with their families.

This guy’s parents are Brit’s – his father moved here from the USA over 25 years ago and runs a successful manufacturing business in Warwick.

He’s a Brit; his daughter’s a Brit; and his Wife, Wanda, is an American. She works as a retail manager – we need plenty of those, he works with college qualifications and a part-qualified HGV Licence, and the little girl is healthy, bright and intelligent.

Andrew served with the Grenadier Guards 1st Battalion for four years including a tour on the frontline in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where he witnessed friends and comrades maimed and killed in action.

However, because his wife’s American, the UK Borders Agency is applying an entry test designed to keep out people who might be a burden on society, a decision unfairly forcing him from his home in Warwick, England, where he wants to raise his family, and leaving him with no alternative other than to move to the USA to be with Wanda and their two-year-old daughter, Gracie.

The petition seeks to change the law, to make admission requirements for spouses in such circumstances reasonable and more realistic – he is not alone in being affected by this law. When it reaches 10,000 signatures, it will receive a response from UK government; 100,000 signatures and it will be debated in Parliament.  It has already attracted the interest and signatures of MPs and others and is rapily approaching 500 signatures.


The case is attracting significant attention in the press with The Mirror running a poll in which 84% of respondents support the McLaughlin’s.

Read more: http://www.leamingtoncourier.co.uk/news/local-news/warwick-soldier-forced-out-of-uk-by-immigration-laws-1-7146949#ixzz3yAsr91vt










How to get rid of adcash.com popups?

Do you suffer from those annoying pop-ups which seem to come randomly from nowhere, and can frequently be embarrassing dating or gaming sites?

Well I did, until I discovered a solution which really works, or at least, this worked for me, and was nowhere near as complicated as most of the suggestions I came across.

Simply click, download, install, run, quarantine the offending objects.


No mal-effects yet, and if there are any in future, I’ll post them here.

Cheers John

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» Instant disaster recovery if your landline goes down.
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Overheating, noisy fan, poor performance, self-shutdown, HP Pavilion g6 i3 laptop

The PC gets hot because the fan doesn’t work properly, and the fan doesn’t work properly because it gets too hot as a result of running slow because of fluff and dust – a vicious circle.

Turn it off and let it cool. Turn it over – you’ll see a number of vents (grills).  Keeping it moving run the vacuum cleaner over the grills taking care not to generate too much sustained suction at any one point – it could do more harm than good.

One vent – the largest bottom left back corner – is the fan air intake.  Vac it well and make sure the fan spins freely.

Vac out the side vents.

HP g6 i3 laptop - back - fan to the bottom left

HP g6 i3 laptop – back – fan to the bottom left

Gently run over the ports – USB, Ethernet, Telephone/modem, SD cards, etc. and vac them out.

Make sure nothing is rattling inside.

Plug in and restart:

The fan should be quiet, the heat ‘normal’, and all well.  And when the CPU is cooler, it’s more efficient and when RAM is cooler it will last much, much longer.

And, if not – it’ll need a professional strip down and clean and maybe a new fan.


Cheers John

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