Communication is art as well as a skill, so be nice!

When people are looking for work they can be at their lowest – please, recruiters, don’t make it worse…. It’s ironic that even companies in the communication business seem i…

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The Best Birthday Present Ever!

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

Today is my birthday, again, and many people have been kind enough to acknowledge that and send their good wishes; for which I am eternally grateful.

However, it got me thinking:

As we grow older (& wiser?), despite the fact that we’re probably more loyal, more reliable,  more knowledgeable,  more trustworthy, more willing, and less maintenance than some, it strangely becomes harder to attract work,  clients or employers. Well it shouldn’t:

        As the population ages with a larger and larger proportion being retired and entitled to state benefits; the pension they have paid for and perhaps more frequent support from the health services and local authorities, the burden on society & it’s younger members, industry and commerce, through the steadily increasing imposition of taxation to pay for the old folk’s care, will grow and grow, the result of which will be to drive those businesses and people away, to new lands, ever increasing the burden on those that remain.

Employ the old, they’re great value and the key to prosperity for all.

Many thanks for your kind wishes, and a Happy New Year to you & yours……..