Case Discussion : Implementing SOA at British Energy Power & Energy Trading (BEPET)

Service Oriented Architecture

British Energy Power & Energy Trading (Bepet) totally rethought both the way it designs software and its relationships with suppliers as a result of shifting to a service-led model for delivering IT to increase efficiencies by aligning business processes with its IT infrastructure. The moved enabled Bepet to prioritise processes and make IT better serve the business.

The UK energy industry has evolved significantly in recent years, with a number of issues including ongoing deregulation of European markets, a high level of M&A activity, and the move to electronic confirmation making the market more complex and challenging. In response, BEPET reviewed its legacy IT systems to optimize all business processes and achieve maximum efficiencies. “Processes are the DNA of our organisation. We had to focus on higher-value activities, rather than factory-type programming, to be in good shape for future business. There are no prizes for second place,” says Jeremy Lock, IT manager at…

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