People are different


A friend was getting more frustrated and depressed by her work situation.  Reinforced by being told she was too good for her job she was seriously considering quiting.

I tried to explain to her that she has to realise and understand that other people are not like her… or me, or her siblings.

Not everyone has the capability to do an outstanding job and even less the desire. Most people want to do the minimum necessary to get by and keep the job; arrive on time (or just a little late), leave on time (or just a little early), having not rocked the boat or done much else during the day. They take the maximum permitted holiday / vacation, throw a few sickies, the odd funeral,  etc.

To most people doing a good job is seen as an option. 

And it drives us nuts!

I’ve offered her a couple of short books on management techniques and interaction which she might want to read and which might give her a little further insight:

The One Minute Manager – so she can agree her work and manage the boss; and

I’m OK you’re OK – so that she get through the day without exploding or otherwise disturbing someone’s peace.

Advice, I have suggsted, she keep smiling and climb over the human detritus of laziness, and she will get better and harder work to do and more money & recognition for it.

Most importantly I’ve stressed the need not to become indispensable and always remember to identify a successor & train them to be as good as she is – or even better – at the job, so she can move up & do the boss’s.

Have you any additional suggestions or advice?

Cheers John

+44 7957 190186


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