Fonera + won’t power on correctly [Blinking / flashing Orange Power light and solid green LAN & WAN lights – no Wireless]

Recently had reliability problems with my Fonera+ – the power supply died – I have been a Fonero for years so it was bound to die eventually.

Using an old switchable power supply I got the Fonera+ back to life, but then it seemed to lock up.

The power light kept flashing orange and the router couldn’t see the Fonera+ at all.

Tried pushing the reset button underneath the Fonera+ but it made no difference to the lights.

WLAN and LAN lights are green. Wireless light stays off. Power light blinks orange.

Lots of internet research for a simple explanation / answer was fruitless, until I happened upon a post about a novel way to fashion a USB PSU for the Fonera+.

This got me thinking.

I checked the switchable PSU I was using – it was set to provide 6VAC – the Fonera+ requires 7.5VAC.  Switched the PSU to it’s next setting – 9VAC – oh whoopy do!!

All is well in Fonera+ land although I won’t be leaving it on overnight until I’m sure it is temperature stable.

Clearly, the Fonera+ doesn’t like it’s PSU being undervoltage.

Cheers John


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