Defraud Facebook? I don’t think so! Paul Ceglia Arrested for Multibillion-Dollar Scheme to do just that – Defraud Facebook!

Defraud Facebook? I don’t think so! Paul Ceglia Arrested for Multibillion-Dollar Scheme to do just that – Defraud Facebook!.


Copper Breakthrough – DSL Rings – Superfast Broadband in Copper

  • Genesis Technical Systems launched its DSL Rings technology at the Broadband World Forum. The first R&D efforts date back to 2006, and $6M has been spent. Is it going to be worth it – will DSL Rings close the digital divide?

    DSL Rings is a patented, revolutionary technology that enables telcos to deliver Superfast broadband at a fraction of the cost of FTTH / FTTP, whilst at the same time delivering more than enough capacity to bring very low cost triple play and quad play offers to both urban and rural areas.

    For telcos, DSL Rings facilitates customer acquisition, win-back and retention by offering better, faster services; more bandwidth; and lower unit cost (per Mb/s) than current methods of delivering broadband services over copper.

    I’d like to hear some professional opinions?

    In Europe alone, there are over 40 million people who currently do not have access to a basic (so called ‘High Speed’ 2 Mb/s broadband service.

    DSL Rings is generally backhaul agnostic and works with conventional copper, using Genesis’ standards-based bonded DSL technology, as well as FTTCab, or fibre to the neighbourhood (FTTNode). It is a great alternative for FTTH or FTTP.

    DSL Rings supports QoS and QoE, providing great support for VoIP, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, M2M, CCTV and CATV, automated meter reading, mobile network offload, femtocell, picocells HD IPTV, video conferencing, video streaming and video on demand.

    DSL Rings has the potential to change the lives of millions of people through home working, cloud computing, ecommerce, distance learning, telemedicine and access to government services over the Internet.

    In rural and urban situations DSL Rings has the potential for return on investment typically within 24 months following low cost, rapid deployment.

    Genesis launched its environmentally friendly DSL Rings, with live demonstrations at the Broadband World Forum exhibition in October 2012, and is currently scheduling DSL Rings field trials.  It anticipates that the technology will be commercially available in the second quarter of 2013.

    Do you think DSL Rings could be the solution that the digital divide has been waiting for?

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