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Nokia N8 Won’t turn on or charge – SOLUTION

This is a widely reported problem.

A friend has an N8 – she left it on charge (plugged in to the pin charger) overnight; in the morning it was dead and wouldn’t power on.


Plugged another charger in – the small access button on the lower front left glowed [menu key] on and off – over time this speeded up – presumably indicating charging.  

When the battery is charging, the charging indicator light next to the USB connector is lit. When the battery charge is low, the charging indicator light flashes. It may take a while for charging to start.  It was lit!

To reboot your device press the power button (on the top right) for about 8 seconds. The phone vibrates for about 3 times and switches off.  To switch it on again, press the power button again – it vibrates once and starts up.  No content, contacts or messages are deleted or lost.

Find this information on page 117 of the user manual – available as a downloadable PDF from Nokia: https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fnds1.nokia.com%2Fphones%2Ffiles%2Fguides%2FNokia_N8-00_UG_en.pdf

If you have not read the user manual then I suggest you do so before criticising the device/manufacturer.  There is no substitute for doing your research/homework and reading the online manual and the faq’s on the website.

Thanks for reading my BLOG – I hope itb was helpful.