Apple will buy Yahoo! ……. #EAv (e)LOCRIS

Apple will buy Yahoo - it has no web presence other than iTunes, and it needs an email system and a search engine:
It would be a great way to begin to challenge fb & Google and 
they have a huge and very loyal following, and a proprietary set of
platforms which they could leverage - their fans would love it!!
Yahoo brings an awful lot that Apple doesn't have!!
Buy Yahoo shares today - tomorrow - once my thoughts are out in the wild,
the price will begin to climb.... :)

Cheers John

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EMPIRE AVENUE – #EAv (e)LOCRIS – Where is it all going wrong as the marlket begins to crash

The debate, started on ecademy and in the eLOCRIS community on EA, about the reckless and stupid recent changes which are adversely affecting everyone’s share price and dividends has broken out elsewhere in a shareholder message thread – so not everyone here will see it.

I have asked the person who started the thread to post his thoughts here, but he is not a member, so he might not.

However, I wanted toshare my contribution with you – many of you will have seen my thoughts on this before, but here I have pulled a lot of the threads of my postings together….


It sucks – and I am PISSED OFF with it and have written repeatedly to EA about it.

The rate of attrition is badly affecting the game, and not just the people who are suspending or closing their accounts – you can offset that ‘hit’ quickly by reinvesting in other high ROI shares. The real problem is the disillusioned folks who have simply stopped playing leaving the shares in limbo – none of us likes to sell someone we consider a new friend – and those people who don’t put too much time in whose performance has also worsened as a result of the time they put in being worth less and less – the whole market is sliding. And this on top of the arrival of FALL and everyone (those fortunate enough) going back to school / work.

Our divs slip, our share prices slip and then people start selling us – the whole market is beginning to implode.

The big businesses attracted to the game as the next big PR / MARCOM thing will also neglect their shares and / or pull out as the game loses credibility.

There is so much wrong which could be fixed quickly and easily:
* Tax the super rich – the early adopters with unassailable cash pots – no one wants to play a game you can’t win;
* Stop the cash cheating where people can buy upgrades for much less than the cost of the EAvs – better still stop the $buy work around all together – it takes cash out of the market;
* Set up proper banking – pay interest on money on deposit – it doesn’t have to be high – say 0.01e/day about 0.1% and establish a FX market for Eaves – so if people want to cheat they can buy Eaves for cash and then invest it. Pay better interest on money saved for upgrades, but claw it back with a charge if players subsequently withdraw the money. And charge commission on the transactions – say 5%. I have suggested an exchange rate on $1 USD = e10,000 – this would make a piece of pie cost $26.25 (with FX commission at 5%) and an island worth e1,000,000 EAvs – now we can see the transparency in the pricing.
* Charge Eaves for everything so those who don’t want to spend $CASH (or can’t afford to) are not excluded from being able to buy everything and or to be able to upgrade.
* Make the share portfolio and dividends a part of the game – make part of the dividends paid out part of what is received (say 50%) – that way good trading is rewarded;
Award MORE points for activity on EA rather than off – for running and contributing to discussions, communities, buying and selling in the market, etc.;
* Enable share swapping – without being too tied to price and with a (say) 10% commission charge of the full swap value;

The guys at EA may be good programmers, designers, etc. but they lack imagination and real world ‘savy’.

All of the above are my ideas and I have published them here and exlsewhere prevously, but none of them are rocket science or particularly hard to do – I have offered to talk to EA – what is the matter with them.

Post your thoughts here at the community, where this debate has been running for some time and let’s consider how we might take this forward.

We have nearly 500 members now, including some elite elite players – surely we can do something?

Cheers John

CEO #EAv Venture Capital Index